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Related article: Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 2 Affairs of the Heart Written by Jayson Vascardi Legal Disclaimer This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or if such material is illegal to view in your area, then you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story. Authors Note Well, here is Chapter 2 of my new series, Affairs of the Heart. I really do hope that everyone is enjoying reading this series so far, as I am really enjoying writing it. In this chapter, I'm adding three new characters, Zachary, Ashley and Diana Smith. Email any and all comments, good or bad, and any suggestions to Please remember to include "Affairs" in the email subject line. All emails will be answered as quickly as possible. You can also contact me on ICQ at 53886549. Affairs of the Heart - Chapter 2 Ashley Smith begins to wake up to the unpleasant feeling of someone shaking him. As he opens his eyes, he sees that it is his annoying sister. "What do you want, Diana?" "Well, breakfast is ready, so I came up to Preteen Bikini wake you and Zachary up. But, I figured I'd just leave Zach to you," replies Diana, "I'm sure you have some sort of special way of waking up your lover boy." "Oh shutup, Diana," replies Ashley, as he sits up in bed, "How many times do I have to tell you? Zach and I are not a couple. We're fraternal twins for crying out loud." "Well you could have fooled me," replies Diana, "Considering that you two sleep in the same bed every night." "What are you two arguing about now?" asks Zachary, as he rubs his eyes, and sits up in bed. "Nothing, Zach," replies Ashley, "Just trying Preteen Bikini to convince our annoying sister that we aren't a couple. But she refuses to acknowledge the idea that you and I are not dating each other." "Well, can you blame me?" asks Diana, "The concept of two guys sleeping together, naked, every night seems a little odd, if they aren't indeed dating." "Di, Ash and I are not dating," replies Zach, "We're fraternal twins, nothing more. And we do not sleep together naked, topless yes, but not naked!" "Same thing," replies Diana, "Anyway, come downstairs while breakfast is still hot." After saying this, Diana leaves the room, leaving twenty-six year old Zach and Ashley alone. Diana is their younger sister, who at eighteen years old has made it her life's work to annoy them. Of course to a certain extent, Ashley and Zach do give her ammunition to use against them. It is true that they have slept in the same bed ever since they were children, but it is not because they are dating. They're both gay yes, but neither of them have any desire whatsoever to date each other. Zach and Ashley push back the sheets of the bed, and slowly get out of bed. What they told Diana was true, they certainly weren't sleeping together naked, just topless. They're both wearing a pair of gray sweatpants. Zach stands up and stretches, before going over to the closet, pulling out two white t-shirts, and throwing one over to Ashley. They quickly put the t-shirts on, before going into their private bathroom. Zach quickly runs a comb through his short blonde hair, as Ashley does the same. Zach and Ashley are fraternal twins, though most do think that they are identical, because due to a very strong family resemblance, the differences between them are very subtle. They both stand 6ft2in tall, weigh 180lbs, and have muscular builds. Zach's hair is naturally blonde, though Ashley's is bleached blonde, otherwise it would be a medium brown color. It's true that they do look identical from a distance, but Preteen Bikini if you get up close to them, you'll see that there are some subtle differences in the facial features, and that while Zach's eyes are blue, Ashley's eyes are green. "Alright, well, come on Ash," replies Zach, "We'd better get downstairs and eat breakfast before Di thinks we're up here having sex or something." "She probably already is thinking that." "Yeah, you're right, knowing Di, she's thinking just that." "Could you two be any louder?" asks Brian, with a grin on his face. "What do you mean?" asks Nick, as he raises an eyebrow. "You know what he means," replies Lance, with a grin of his own, "Could you and JC be any louder when you're making love? I'm not sure that they heard you in China." "We weren't that loud!" protests JC, as both Nick and him begin to blush. "Oh please, James and I could here every last syllable you said to one another," replies Brian, "Good god, I know you love each other, but we're in a hotel. You better hope nobody on the floor below us heard you as well as we did." "We were considering pounding on the wall and telling you to quiet it down," replies Lance, "But we didn't want to disturb the moment you guys were having." "Hey guys," replies Kristen as she emerges from her and Kevin's room, "If I were you, I would start getting ready for rehearsals, like right now. Kevy is in one of his moods this morning." "Thanks for the warning, Kris," replies Nick with a smile, as he gives Kristen a light hug, "So, how are you feeling this morning?" "Other then the fact that I just spent the last half hour vomiting," replies Kristen, "I'm just fine." "Hmm, I think my mother said that eating saltine crackers should help with the morning sickness, a little." "Thanks, JC, I'll make sure to get some while you're all in rehearsals," replies Kristen, as an odd look comes over her face for a second and she places her hand on her stomach, "Whoa." "Is something wrong, Kris?" "No, Lance, nothings wrong," replies Kristen, "Just hurry up and get Kevin. His son or daughter is starting to make themselves known." Lance goes over to the door of Kevin and Kristen's hotel room, which is ajar, and comes out a moment later, dragging Kevin along with him. "Lance, let go of me," replies Kevin, rather angrily, "God, what's your problem?" "Nothing, just that Kristen asked me to get you, the baby just kicked, and I suppose she wanted you to feel it." Kevin's expression softens a bit, as Kristen takes his hand and gently places it on her stomach just as the baby kicks a second time. Upon feeling it, a smile spreads across Kevin's face. "Wow, hey Bri, you gotta feel this," replies Kevin as he grabs his cousin's hand and puts it on his wife's stomach. "Well, I'd say you have a soccer player there, Kris," replies Brian with a grin. "Well, I'm only about 4 1/2 months along and he's kicking this much?" replies Kristen, as the baby keeps kicking, "Oh god, how am I going to survive 4 1/2 more months of this?" "Oh come on," yells Fatima, "You can do better then this! Lance stop looking at Brian and concentrate. Nick, you were doing so good in the last rehearsal. What the hell happened?" "He's probably sore from his night of pleasure last night with JC," replies AJ, "JC only made love to him about 4 times last night, very loudly." "I don't need to know about your sex lives!" yells Fatima, "All I care about is that your dancing looks good at the shows. So stop goofing off and start doing this right!" After about another hour of Fatima seeing less the satisfactory results, she turns off the music, throws her hands up in the air and replies, "Okay, people. I know you're tired. But if you don't start giving me the results that I want, you're still going to be here dancing when your grandchildren are graduating from college!" Fatima turns the music back on, and immediately begins to see results. Everybody starts dancing much better then they were, even if they are tired. After getting completely through the dances that they're working on with almost flawless performance, only Lance messing up once or twice, which is normal, Fatima stops the music, and replies, "Okay, guys, you're done for the day. Go home, get some rest, and do a phenomenal job at the concert tomorrow, or I will personally kill each and every one of you!" "Diana shutup," yells Ashley, "Or I swear I will hit you." "Why are you getting so mad, Ash?" "Why? WHY?? Hmm, let me think," replies Ashley sarcastically, "Why would I have any reason to be mad? Oh yeah, my annoying little sister who insists that I'm fucking my brother!!" "Well, you are!" "I am not!" "Are too." "Am not." "ARE TOO!" "I AM NOT!!" yells Ashley, as Zachary comes in and yells, "Stop it both of you! You're acting like little immature two year olds!" "Well, we wouldn't be arguing at all if you two would just admit that your dating." Zachary looks at Ashley, and quickly pulls him into a hug, whispering something in his ear softly so that Diana doesn't hear it. "Alright, Di, we give up," replies Ashley, "You got us. Zach and I are dating." "Yeah, I know it's wrong, but God can you blame me," replies Zachary, "Ash is just such a stud." "You're just acting to shut me up aren't you?" "No, we'd never lie to you Di!" replies Ashley. "Prove it." "Okay, fine," reply Zach and Ashley in unison, "But if we do, you have to swear on your life that you'll never bring this subject up ever again" adds Ashley, as Diana replies," Okay sure, I swear." As soon as the words leave her lips, Ashley and Zachary smile at each other as they pull each other into a passionate kiss, with obvious tongue action. "Oh my god, I don't believe it!" As soon as these words leave Diana's mouth, Ashley and Zachary pull apart and start spitting and wiping their mouths with their hands. "Yuck, I can't believe I did that," says Ashley. "Eww, neither can I," replies Zachary. "You mean you guys aren't..." begins Diana when Ashley cuts her off and says, "No Diana. We're not, but you swore that you'd never bring up the subject ever again." "No fair! You guys tricked me!" "Oh shutup already," replies Zachary, "Honestly, why are you so hell-bent on wanting to make me and Ashley a couple?" "Well since you guys don't have any possible prospects, and you're both gay, I figured hey, what the hell." "What do you mean possible prospects?" "Well, Ash, I know all about your enormous crush on Kevin Richardson," replies Diana, "Sorry, no future there. Mrs. Kristen Richardson will see to that. "And as for you, Zach, I know all about your crush on Christopher Kirkpatrick, but come on. There's no chance in hell that he's gay. It's just impossible." "Well, yes, Di, it's true, I do have a crush on Chris, and Ash has a crush on Kevin. But we realize that we aren't ever going to be dating them, I mean come on, we've never even met them. Pretty hard to date someone that you've never met." To be continued... So what did you all think? Any comments, whether good or bad, and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can email them to, please remember to include "Affairs" in the email subject line. I will answer any emails I receive as quickly as I can. You can also contact me at 53886549 on ICQ.
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